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Highlights Dataflex – Mitsumi Technology Summit

The event was graced by two giant media houses in Nigeria, The Punch and Blue Prints Newspaper to capture the moments as it unfolds. 

The Executive Director (Martins Ndigwe) of DataFlex Nigeria Limited gave a brief presentation on how technology has changed the world and our individual lives in countless ways. Things previously deemed impossible are today made possible by technology. For instance, making purchases from location you haven’t visited from the comfort of your home through smartphone and get it delivered to your doorstep. Technology has changed major sectors over the past 20 years, including media, climate action and healthcare.


The past 20 years have shaped how and where we consume media. In the early 2000s, many tech firms focused on expanding communication for work through advanced bandwidth for video streaming and other media consumption that is common today.

Following these, new media options, new communities and alternative media came with the massive growth of social media. In 2004, fewer than 1 million people were on Myspace; Facebook had not even launched. By 2018, Facebook had more 2.26 billion users with other sites also growing to hundreds of millions of users.

While these new online communities and communication channels have offered great spaces for alternative voices, their increased use has also brought issues of increased disinformation and polarization.

Today, many tech start-ups are focused on preserving these online media spaces while also mitigating the disinformation which can come with them.

Climate Change and Green Technology

Many scientists today are looking to technology to lead us towards a carbon-neutral world.

Different start-ups, including Carbon Engineering and Clime works from this year’s Technology Pioneers, have started to roll out carbon capture technology. These technologies remove CO2 from the air directly, enabling scientists to alleviate some of the damage from fossil fuels which have already been burned.

In all of this, he mentioned technology is a driving force in shaping our world and listed few ways technology could change the world;

1.         AI-optimized manufacturing

2.         Healthcare paradigm shift to prevention through diet

3.         5G will enhance the global economy and save lives

4.         A new normal in managing cancer

5.         Robotic retail etc.

Desigan Moodley (Senior Solutions Consultant – Africa) – He spoke about about trends with storage administration and delve down to AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations).  

Few of the biggest issues business managers have with their company’s IT organization when it comes to deploying and operating technology products and services are; 

a. Overly complex process to select, deploy and or provision technology resources

b. IT organization’s processes to deploy IT services take too long

c. Concerns about IT organization’s ability to provide adequate security and controls

d. IT does a poor job making data accessible for analysis, use etc.

e. IT doesn’t have the skills to support emerging areas of technology such as AI, data science, mixed reality, etc.  

Based on the above, over 72% of IT decision makers believe AI & ML will simplify IT management thereby solving the problems identified above;

  1. Intuitive Operations – Use AIOps to improve IT management efficiencies
  1. Optimize Performance – Analyse full application data path to ensure data access with the highest speed and lowest latency
  1. Achieve IT Operational Efficiencies – Integrate analytics and automation to find issues and resolve problems faster
  1. Automate Operations – Utilize AIOps to automate and accelerate new resource delivery

Richard Speeding (Digital Technical Expert for Data Intelligence) – discussed about Intelligent Data Operations and how Hitachi’s Lumada DataOps is helping organization Know their Data – Trust their Data – Capture Business Value. 

He asserted Data Landscape is complex, distributed, diverse and dynamic;

• 77% IT decision-makers distrust the data they use

• 89% Enterprises have data distributed across multiple clouds

• 56% CDOs feel that access and prep is biggest data activation challenge

In narrative to the above, Lumada DataOps is changing the landscape by providing insight into;

a. Data TRUSTED Know your data no matter where it resides

b. INTELLIGENT Automation Data Fabric across Edge-Core-Cloud

c. EXPLOIT Value of your data with enterprise reporting, AI/ML Modelling. 

Nathaniel Maji [Sales manager at DataFlex Nigeria] gave a closing appreciation to the guests for honouring us with their presence.

Dataflex is shaping the future. 

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