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Chukwudi Okafor

Sales Manager

Mr Chukwudi Okafor is the Sales Manager of Dataflex Nigeria Limited. He supervises the overall business portfolio of the organization. He is a strategic sales specialist with over 13 years of experience in ICT sales across all verticals. A tested professional, whose achievements have been well documented in the IT industry in the area of customer satisfaction. With his wealth of experience in information technology which specifically revolves around networking, compute, storage, cloud, data analytics and project management, he has led several successful customer engagements in the FSI, Telco and Oil and gas sectors.

Prior to joining Dataflex, Chukwudi worked with Standard Chartered Bank as a sales representative. He has also worked at both senior and management levels with well known information technology integration companies in Nigeria, among them are Jetlink Nigeria Limited, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) and Weco Systems Nigeria Limited. His proven record of accomplishments in his sales career has earned him a lot of sales recognition.

Chukwudi holds a B.Sc in Economics from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He has attended several leadership training and professional courses with numerous certifications across a wide range of OEMs. Chukwudi is an MBA student of Business school Netherlands Nigeria (BSNN). He has completed several workshops in HR Management, interpersonal skills, Information and Operations at BSNN. He is also a member of the Information Security Society of Africa (ISSAN).